Project Details


The proposed Valhalla solar project will generate 9MW of energy and take up a fenced area of approximately 75 acres on the northeast section of 31-47-12 W4M. 


The project will connect to the electrical grid via Fortis Yarrow 252S and consist of 21,468 Longi LR5-72HBD-525-545M 540, 545, 550 Wp, bifacial solar panels on single axis trackers and 3 SMA MVPS 4600 kW inverters. 


The site will generate enough energy to power approximately 2,805 typical Albertan households, save 8,814 tonnes of carbon annually, and 229,442 tonnes over the 25-year initial lifetime of the Project.


PACE believes the proposed development is in keeping with the character of the area and makes a vital contribution to addressing the climate emergency. It will also help to mitigate soaring energy costs, increase local biodiversity while supporting Alberta’s rural economies.



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